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CD release "Out on the Road" PRESS RELEASE

15 Januari 2011

Here it is… after one and a half year of hard labour Erik released his new album called: “Out on the Road”, on the Big Oak records label. Ten new songs were selected out of a larger number of songs composed in the past years.

Accompanied by a group of selected musicians form both sides of the border(Euregio)Erik sang lead and backing vocals, played guitars, Tambourines and did the claps. Together with studioboss Carsten Hoelscher of the Nightsky studio in Graes, Germany, Erik mixed and produced this new collection of songs. From downright love ballads like “Regret" or the J.J. Cale like “Middle of the night”, to the only song sung in Dutch, the country rocksong “Moene”. In between you’ll find latin spiced songs, pop songs, some rock n roll, and New Orleans coloured songs like: “Didn’t miss you”. Besides some razor-eged electric guitar playing by Lars Muller and Bert Reerink you’ll find the moving statement of “Happiness is a thin line” on which the brilliant saxophone solo that is played by Matthias Wilkins from Nordhorn (Germany) collides with the Spanish flavoured guitars of Bert Reerink.

The first reactions: ‘Surprisingly good songs,” “Clear production, very professional!” to: “Rich variety in songs”, “Great musicans!”, "ps:I Like the great cover as well!”. So far so good… we are trying to bring it out on the road once more, but first: support us! Buy this album now!

Ordering can be done by phone or by e-mail:

Telephone: +31.6.47650874

Price; 12,50 Euro's excluding shipment.

Out on the Road appeared on the Big Oak Records label of Johannes Bodingius.

The Troubadour in the Wilmersberg

12 December 2009

The troubadour played at the Wilmersberg (de Lutte) for OnGuard from Nederhorst den Berg. In a relaxed atmosphere Erik played wellknown and less wellknown melodies for and with the staff of OnGuard to their mutual pleasure.

Course drawing and painting for starters

28 September 2009

The courses drawing and painting for starters have started again. There are still openings for Thursday evening and Wednesday morning. Fees: 150 euro for 10 lessons, including basic materials. For enrollment and more information: Workshops.